CID Looks To Round Up Cash

While the decline of the scandal-plagued Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) has been much in the public eye, another University center focusing on developing countries has been quietly building its courses, its programs--and its capital.

The Center for International Development (CID), created a year and a half ago, has been busily raising money for its multi-year $20 million fundraising drive, begun at the center's inception and still in its early stages.

From its beginnings, CID has garnered unprecedented support from the international community, as well as the backing of both HIID and the Kennedy School of Government (KSG).

Now administrators at both KSG and CID--as well as at the University Development Office--have pledged their help in the fundraising campaign.


"It's a collaborative effort," says Sara E. Sievers '90, executive director of CID. "Neither of us can do it without the other."

HIID transferred $10 million of its endowment to CID when the center was created. Academic superstar--and then-HIID head--Jeffrey D. Sachs '76, Stone professor of international trade, was selected to head the new research-oriented center.

Prominent officials with international development interests comprise an international advisory board for the center. And, at least one member of the board--Teresa Heinz of the H. John and Teresa Heinz Foundation--has lent her support to the drive with a hefty $1 million donation, half of which came in last spring. CID will receive the remainder this spring.

Holly T. Sargent, senior associate dean for external affairs at KSG, says the members of the board have substantial expertise in international matters relevant to CID. Although none of them are specifically involved in the fundraising efforts, they have all been helpful, she adds.

Many of the members are officials of foreign governments, but Sargent says no foreign governments--or other members of the board--have given their financial support to the center.

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