Impeachment Articles Filed Against Burton

Ten members of the Undergraduate Council formally submitted two articles of impeachment against council Vice President John A. Burton '01 last night, as Burton and his supporters charged the move was "petty" and politically motivated.

As a result of the formal petition, the council will hear arguments from both sides and then vote on Burton's removal at Sunday's regularly scheduled meeting.

According to the council's constitution, any ten members can submit a resolution to permanently remove a representative or officer. The resolution is then placed before a meeting of the full council and requires two-thirds of a secret ballot vote to be adopted.


Finance Committee Chair Kyle D. Hawkins '02, along with council member John P. Marshall '01, solicited signatures for the petition yesterday. Hawkins said the ten decided to seek Burton's removal from office because they feared that what they described as "ethical violations" on his part have reflected badly on the council.

Three of the ten sponsors of the resolution ran against Burton's running mate, Fentrice D. Driskell '01 in December's presidential race--Sterling P.A. Darling '01, Todd E. Plants '01 and Frank X. Leonard '01.

Burton has been pressured to step down from his post in recent weeks because of allegations that he took more than 100 buttons from the resource center of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporters' Alliance without permission for use in his campaign.

The two articles of impeachment also allege that Burton was not honest with the Election Commission about the buttons during his campaign.

Burton and Driskell said last night that they are dismayed that council members have taken this action.

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