The Agreeable Mr. Illingworth

And Illingworth is wary of expressing his own vision for where the College should be heading.

"I think it would show poor judgement to come up now with an overarching philosophy. This is me at the beginning, [Epps] is speaking at the end," he says, referring to his predecessor's often controversial pronouncements.


Illingworth says one reason he has been so tied to Lewis is out of necessity: He doesn't yet have the know-how to strike out on his own.

"In 6 months on the job, I'm realizing that there is a lot I don't know," he says.

Yet, in contrast to Illingworth's low-key semester, Lewis' first few months were rife with controversy.

He implemented the controversial housing randomization policy and restructured Phillips Brooks House (PBH), bringing in a new associate dean who was unpopular with PBH student leaders at the time.

And while Illingworth has spent only six months in his latest position, he is a seasoned Harvard administrator. He spent his undergraduate years at the College and has worked at the University since 1981, when he first started in the admissions office.

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