The Agreeable Mr. Illingworth

Lewis says that Illingworth knows Harvard as well as anyone.

"[Illingworth] brings a lot of strengths to the position, in my opinion...such as his institutional knowledge, as well as his long contact with undergraduates," he says.

Indeed, members of the search committee that selected Illingworth for the job said his familiarity with Harvard was one of the reasons he was chosen for the post.


"I find him a very intelligent, thoughtful person who knows the College very, very well," Georgene B. Herschbach, head of the search committee and associate dean of the College for finance and administration said last year.

Furthermore, Illingworth is committed to Lewis as an associate and an admirer, not just as a new colleague.

He knew Lewis socially before he got the job--which Lewis offered him over breakfast, in keeping with the favorable recommendations of the search committee.

And Illingworth proclaims himself an admirer of the dean.

"Harry Lewis was the most important reason I took this job," Illingworth says. "I wanted to work with him, be in on his thinking, his vision of what this College should be."

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