Students Support Removing Burton

In dozens of conversations at four dining halls yesterday, a majority of students said they believe that Undergraduate Council Vice President John A. Burton '01 should be removed from office if allegations of misconduct against him are true.

Ten council members have sponsored a petition to remove Burton from office, charging that he took, without permission, buttons from the office of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporters' Alliance (BGLTSA) and misrepresented himself to the council's election commission.

Most of those whom The Crimson spoke to admitted they were not well-versed in the details of the matter.


However, they said that if it were shown that Burton indeed stole buttons from the BGLTSA's resource center and misrepresented himself to the Election Commission, the council should remove him from office.

While most students surveyed agreed that Burton's alleged campaign infractions probably didn't affect the outcome of the election, they said they thought he should be removed as a matter of principle.

"There needs to be some kind of standard for your officers," said Jennifer D. Rosario '01, eating dinner in the Quincy House dining hall. Her friends at the table nodded their heads in agreement. "He [took] the buttons--and he missed all these things he was supposed to do," said Tzyy M. Yeh '01.

Burton has twice been expelled from the council for truancy. Both times, he was later re-instated.

The mandate to remove Burton was far from overwhelming.

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