Schools Clarify Distance Learning Alliance

In three identical statements issued yesterday, representatives from Yale, Princeton and Stanford universities released select details from their high-level talks about a possible distance learning alliance targeted at alumni.

And although Harvard reiterated that it does not plan to participate in the discussions, at least one official at Princeton said it may be easier for Harvard to think about joining once details are clearer.

"I've talked with all of the various participants and I think Harvard just needs time to consider," said Princeton University Provost Jeremiah P. Ostriker '59. "We may make it easier for Harvard to decide when we know what the 'it' is."


Ostriker said the cooperative agreement between the universities would be in the area of arts and sciences and would not include professional schools.

"It's likely to be focused on A.B. and general education levels," he said.

The Crimson reported yesterday that the alliance would likely not grant academic credit. The alliance would allow Princeton, Yale and Stanford graduates access to resources at each university.

The universities' statements report that the participating schools are in the process of consulting their respective faculties and administrations about additional details.

Ostriker said the Princeton trustees have urged that university to move forward in the area of distance education focused on students and alumni.

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