Dartmouth Drops Cheating Charges

Dartmouth College officials dropped charges of cheating against 63 computer science students in a surprise announcement Friday.

Last month, Rex Dwyer, a visiting computer science professor at Dartmouth, accused the students of cheating on a homework assignment, some by looking at answers on a portion of the website the professor accidentally left unlocked and some by getting help from their teaching assistants.

The college's honor board, the Committee on Standards, heard only 27 of the 63 cases before withdrawing the charges.


"The Committee concluded that some cheating did occur," Dean of the College James Larimore wrote in a letter to the Dartmouth community that will be distributed this week.

He also wrote that the "nature and the quality of the evidence" made it impossible to distinguish cheating students from those who were merely confused by the assignment's guidelines.

After hearing 34 hours of testimony, the Committee decided to drop all the charges.

Julie E. Green, a sophomore implicated in the cheating scandal, said she felt the college should have pursued the issue. She claims she did not cheat on the assignment.

"I feel the school is almost copping out," she said. "They should've gone after those students who genuinely cheated."

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