Project ADAPT: Defining the Mission

Then-Assistant Provost Anne H. Margulies touted the project's collaborative nature.

"This is not a central administration project. This is a University project," Margulies said. "The central administration could not do it on its own, and none of the schools could have done it on their own. It was planned and designed with the whole University as a group."


When the dust has settled on the new systems, ADAPT will have changed the way Harvard works for the better, says Elizabeth C. "Beppie" Huidekoper, the University's vice president for finance.

"When we wired the campus, people asked us if we would really need e-mail and now, of course, it's essential," says Huidekoper.

She predicts that some day, people will think the same thing about ADAPT.

Huidekoper identified the following goals of the new financial system designed and implemented by Project ADAPT, noting that there is still work to be done on several:

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