It Was Good For Us: Cheeky 'Sex' Professor to Retire After 37 Years

On a fifth floor bulletin board at the Peabody Museum, hang pictures of the all of the Faculty in Harvard's Anthropology department. Most professors have a simple, casual portrait with their names beneath it.

Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology Irven DeVore's portrait, features a ghastly white man, with a bandaged head who looks an awful lot like Frankenstein.

DeVore, who was recovering from head surgery at the time, is holding a sign that reads, "Brain Donor of the Month."


For decades, thousands of Harvard students have experienced DeVore's unique, outrageous sense of humor. Most know him through his class Science B-29 "Human Behavioral Biology," usually known simply as "Sex."

Most don't know him as a pioneering anthropologist, a leading scholar in the field of sociobiology and an oft-quoted authority.

Next fall, students have their last chance to meet him.

Citing health concerns and a desire to spend more time with his family, DeVore , 65, will retire after 37 years at Harvard.

"I'm tired," DeVore says. "I was determined not to let my grandchildren slip by without spending more quality time [with them]."

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