Radcliffe Alum Group Ponders Change in Name

The Radcliffe College Alumnae Association (RCAA) will take steps to remove the "college" reference from its name and become simply the Radcliffe Association, the RCAA president confirmed yesterday.

The group's roughly 30,000 membership includes all women who graduated from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges until 1999. This year's graduating female seniors will be the first class to graduate from Harvard College alone and will not automatically become RCAA members at Commencement.

RCAA President A'Lelia P. Bundles '74 said that since the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study will not be granting degrees, the group is looking for a way to involve individuals who are associated with Radcliffe in other ways.


RCAA's current bylaws state that two thirds of the organization's members--roughly 20,000 people--would have to approve changes to the group's name or charter.

In April, RCAA's board of management will finish drawing up a new set of bylaws that would grant it name changing powers, making an organization-wide vote unnecessary.

The bylaw revisions will have to be approved at RCAA's annual meeting in June.

Once the board of management has the power to change RCAA's name, Bundles said the group would change its name to the Radcliffe Association.

"The board of management has preliminarily discussed the feasibility of changing our name to reflect our future constituency and current reality," Bundles said. "To change the charter, i.e. the name and purpose, we need to change our by bylaws."

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