Bush Supporters Ignore Mass. Loss

Though George W. Bush didn't win Massachusetts last night, his Bay State supporters didn't seem to care.

At Boston's Commonwealth Fish and Beer Co., Bush for President posters and multicolored banners lined the walls as more than 200 Bush devotees celebrated their candidate's landslide victories elsewhere.

Sipping a congratulatory beer while sitting with her husband, Bush supporter Sharon K. Kolandjian summed up the mood of the crowd.


"We're excited about George W. Bush," she said.

Kolandjian and her husband have volunteered for Bush at campaign events throughout the state.

"We did anything we could do, faithfully," said Greg E. Kolandjian.

Supporters stood anxiously watching CNN on the big screen display as results trickled in.

When CNN anchor Bernard Shaw projected a victory for Arizona Sen. John S. McCain in the state, the crowd booed.

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