FAST Tries To Touch Lives of Square's Homeless

On a Friday afternoon, as harsh winds swirl through the Square, three men and one woman sit close together in the shadow of Store 24, talking with Sandy Chang '01, a volunteer for the student group Faith and Service Together (FAST). The three are simply chatting and trying to stay warm.

"I'm tired of people kicking me out of their roofs," says one man. "I gotta live out on the sidewalks now. That ain't right."

Listening intently to the man's words, Chang offers him a sandwich, and he digs into it eagerly.


Another of the men pulls out two sandwiches he had hidden inside his clothing.

Chang's four companions eye the meal with anticipation. Despite the sunny day, they know winter is not over yet.

"I've been out here too long," says one.

Life on the streets, especially during New England's winter, is a constant battle for survival.

But Chang and her FAST companions try to make life a little easier for the homeless of Harvard Square through food and company. Every Friday afternoon, as many as 10 FAST members venture into the Square, giving the homeless lunch and talking with them about their lives.

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