FDO Removes Banned Devices

When Leslie A. Moroz '03 returned to her room in Pennypacker after spring break, she found that it did not look quite the same as she had left it.

Even though she had locked the door, her coffeemaker was missing, along with a rice cooker and some candles.

And she found an anonymous note on her message board, which she said she assumed was written by another student: "No more coffee. Drip drip. Ha ha."


Moroz was one of hundreds of first-year students who had items confiscated from their rooms by Harvard Yard Operations during an 11-day search of all first-year dorm rooms for items violating fire regulations.

The last few rooms were inspected yesterday.

The inspections, which were concluded yesterday, raised concerns about privacy among students, who were not notified that items would be confiscated.

But administrators say the searches were necessary to ensure fire safety.

Elizabeth Studley Nathans, Dean of Freshmen, said she ordered the confiscations after learning that several rooms had appliances which are not approved under Harvard's housing policy.

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