Former Sen. Pryor Named As IOP Director

Extensive search conducted by three panels

Senator Edward M. Kennedy '54-'56 (D-Mass.), who serves on the Senior Advisory Committee, said he has "enormous respect" for Pryor.

"He was an outstanding Senator for Arkansas, and he's an outstanding choice to succeed Al Simpson," Kennedy said in the release. "The Institute of Politics has a special place in the hearts of all of us in the Kennedy family, and I look forward to working closely with David Pryor in the years ahead."


After months of interviewing candidates, three separate committees--the Senior Advisory Committee, a student-led committee and one composed in part of faculty and administrators--submitted their recommendations to Nye, who chose Pryor.

Pryor said that he first heard rumblings that he would be offered the position on Saturday.

Trevor D. Dryer '00, a member of the student search committee, said that he is excited about bringing Pryor on board.

"The student committee is in complete support of Senator Pryor," Dryer said. "He'll be a fantastic director."

Dryer added that over 100 candidates of various backgrounds--including many Democrats and Republicans--were considered for the position.

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