Former Sen. Pryor Named As IOP Director

Extensive search conducted by three panels

Other students on the selection committee included Hannah Choi '01, Richard Cooper '01 , C.J. Mahoney '00 and Jacqueline A. Newmyer '01, who is also a Crimson editor.

Tom H. Elke '00, who was a study group liaison for Pryor's "Everything You Wanted To Know About Politics But Were Afraid To Ask" at the IOP last spring, said he can think of "no better model" for aspiring public servants.

"He was one of the most honorable and noble human beings I have ever met," Elke said. "He served as a testament to what a public servant should be."


Pryor, who has funded an University of Arkansas history program with leftover campaign money following his Senate retirement in 1997, said he will serve as the IOP's director for at least two years and probably more.

He has already become familiar with several Harvard students.

He said he was surprised when he saw Cooper on ABC's "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" Sunday night.

"My God, there's Rich on there!" Pryor said he shouted at the screen.

Of all the Russian generals, Chinese field marshals, kings and queens he has met, Pryor joked, "Rich is the only one who totally intimidates me."

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