FAS Wants New Advisory Body, Report Says

Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) want more say in how the University spends its money and have called for the creation of a faculty committee to advise President Neil L. Rudenstine on finances in a report released by the FAS Committee on Resources.

"Major decisions involving the commitment of substantial resources...are sometimes first discovered by faculty from the local press," the report said. "But the committee feels that--in general--input from members of the faculty could add significant value to such decisions."

During yesterday's full Faculty meeting, Rudenstine agreed to consider the creation of the faculty advisory committee.


"I have committed myself to write down something on the way we

are going," he said. "[I am] thinking about a University-wide committee to talk about various large issues that come up before the University as a whole."

Committee member Mark A. Kishlansky, Baird professor of history, said the proposal--along with the other suggestions in the committee report--is intended to give FAS more information about central administration funds and perhaps more influence over their use.

Kishlansky said the Faculty does not know whether it is getting appropriate returns on the money it deposits in central administration funds. Kishlansky said there has long been suspicion that the Faculty has not gotten the proper returns from the central administration.

"There are literally billions of dollars flowing back and forth and around, and it's hard to get a handle on it," Kishlansky said. "It's just so bloody complicated."

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