Harvard's Hot Hand Sizzles

Oddly enough, one of Harvard's most successful athletic programs is not even included among the school's official list of 41 varsity squads.

Nonetheless, despite its status as just a club team, the Harvard handball team has gained national recognition, earning a ninth-place national ranking just two months into its existence.

Much of the credit for the team's creation and ensuing success belongs to Harvard fifth-year senior Vini Letteri.


One of the top-ranked players in the country, Letteri has steered the Crimson to the top of the national handball circuit.

In doing so, Letteri has effectively passed along his own love of the game of handball to his teammates, many of whom are new to the sport.

Such success seemingly comes naturally to Letteri. Since early on, he has constantly challenged himself to meet his own high expectations, and more often than not, he has proven to be up to the task.

A Man of All Seasons

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