Drummond to Depart Freshman Dean's Office After Two-Year Tenure As Assistant Dean

After a two year tenure as one of Harvard's three assistant deans of freshmen, Sarah B. Drummond will leave Harvard at the end of the semester, the Freshmen Dean's Office (FDO) announced earlier this week.

Drummond will move to Milwaukee, Wisc., where her husband has accepted a position with Milwaukee's University School, wrote Dean of Freshmen Elizabeth Studley Nathans in an e-mail message.

As dean, Drummond has been responsible for management of Ivy Yard, the group of first-year dorms which includes Thayer, Hollis, Holworthy, Apley, Lionel, Mower, Stoughton and Straus Halls.


Drummond was a proctor in Greenough Hall before accepting the assistant dean position.

Noah S. Selsby, a senior proctor in Ivy Yard who has known Drummond for six years, said he has been impressed by Drummond's work.

"From the very moment she decided to apply for this position, I knew she'd be an inspiration for Ivy Yard," Selsby said. "She made a great transition from proctor to assistant dean...we will miss her very much."

Christine Kelley, Ivy Yard's other senior proctor, said she was sad to hear of Drummond's imminent departure.

"She's been wonderful to work with," Kelley said, pointing to Drummond's amicable nature and dedication to her work.

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