Fay Prize Changes Lamented

To the editors:

Now that Radcliffe's undergraduate functions have been merged with those of Harvard, a vigorous effort seems to be underway to eliminate gender bias from formerly Radcliffe-related opportunities. The recent flap over the Fay Prize is only one example; some prizes offered through the Office for the Arts are now no longer limited to women. I am troubled that the Dean's Office is not taking this opportunity to eliminate gender bias from all Harvard-related programs. For instance, the Shaw Fellowship for graduating seniors and the Paul Revere Frothingham Scholarship are available only to men. Why the effort to eliminate "reverse discrimination" when good old-fashioned discrimination still flourishes in official Harvard-administered prizes and scholarships?


Logan S. McCarty '96

April 14, 2000

The writer is the House Fellowship Advisor and a Resident Tutor for Eliot House.

Award with Consistency

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