Industrial History, Popular Schools Forge the Modern-Day Patchwork of Cambridgeport

In the densely residential south Cambridge neighborhood of Cambridgeport, dwellings that show a half-century of wear stand next to recently restored structures.

A large industrial park with new and extensively renovated buildings faces industrial warehouses fitted for high-tech and biotech firms.

Just a few blocks away from a tall city-owned apartment building are narrow, multi-family houses--evidence of the neighborhood's industrial past.


The Corner Store

Essentially, Cambridgeport is laid out on a grid. Bordered on the north and south by Mass. Ave. and the Charles River, the neighborhood is segmented by four major streets running diagonally southwest to northeast. The streets run perfectly parallel, in a marked contrast to the winding streets so omnipresent in Cambridge.

And several of these perfectly regular corners, with their exact 90-degree angles, have a little bit of everything, offering neighborhood residents convenient pedestrian access to a variety of shops and services.

For instance, the corner of Brookline Street and Putnam Avenue is home to First United Market; Troy Anthony's Barbershop; Dimitrios Cuisine, specializing in steak tip dinners; Stefanni Pizzeria, "serving since 1980," as its sign proudly advertises; and the Cybersuds Coin-op Laundry.

Decia B. Goodwin, who has lived in Cambridgeport for 25 years, says for her, "Days and days go by without getting in a car."

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