Committee Picks Maynard Elementary Site for Merged School

Debate, ribaldry accompany school decision

Putting an end to nearly two months of widespread anxiety, the Cambridge School Committee voted last night that the merged Fletcher-Maynard elementary school will be located in the Maynard building.

Superintendent of Schools Bobbie J. D'Alessandro recommended Maynard as the school's permanent home after an architectural study earlier this spring found Maynard to be larger and more livable than Fletcher.

Two members, Susana M. Segat and E. Denise Simmons, voted "present" instead of yes or no.


They objected that the site recommendation--first presented to members at the school committee meeting last night--was hurried and lacked the sanction of the steering committee, a group of parents, teachers and district officials that has met weekly since fall to discuss the merger.

But five members, including Alice L. Turkel, supported the measure.

"This vote is a simple vote, a vote to get the work started," Turkel said, comparing it to the contentious vote to merge the two schools in the first place.

The measure approved last night also includes $1.1 million in capital improvements to Maynard over the next two years.

The architectural study recommended about $276,000 for work including painting, lockers for the upper grades and an expansion of the library.

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