Oh, The Places They're Going

We took a Road Trip of our own to New York City to talk to the young stars of what promises to be the sleeper hit of the summer

The cast of Road Trip know they're going to be famous after this Friday. Each member of the cast, though, handles this foresight differently. When I got a chance to interview the actors in New York City recently, I tried to find out how exactly each one is anticipating instant fame. A couple of the actors seem well-rehearsed in their answers and a couple well, aren't so rehearsed. See for yourself.

Paulo Costanzo & Sean Scott

The Harvard Crimson: It's your first movie, Paulo. How'd you handle it?


Paulo Costanzo: It was a nervewracking hell. I was very neurotic. It was my first movie, the director and I didn't hit it off from the start, I had food poisoning for the first week of the shoot. Literally, the day before shooting, I decided to get a sarsparilla root beer with no preservatives and I was like, "Whoa. This tastes good. Must be the sarsparilla. Glug glug glug." And then, "Hey Sean, I have food poisoning."

THC: Wait a minute. Back up. You said you didn't hit it off with the director. Let's hear the story.

PC: (Sighs.) I got to set, I was nervous and insecure. Todd is a brash person. I just didn't take to his brash way of giving criticism. I wanted more respect from him and we sort of clashed. But that's how he was with everyone and I had to learn to deal with it- but it was really difficult. We didn't have an understanding for the first half of the film. Once we had a big fight on the set, then we talked and you know, we're not bosom buddies but I respect him a lot. [I make a note to cause trouble and ask Todd Phillips about it later.]

Cut to later:

THC: Okay. Let's get straight to it. Paulo came in and said he clashed with you at the beginning. Was it something you worried about?

TP: What? You're kidding. I don't know what you're talking about.

THC: He came in and said you didn't get along.

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