Tufts Christian Fellowship Re-Recognized by Student Government

A Christian student group at Tufts University was "re-recognized" by a branch of student government Wednesday after having been stripped of its official status for alleged anti-gay discrimination last month.

The Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) successfully appealed for re-recognition to the Tufts University Committee on Student Life.

Last month, Julie Catalano, a bisexual member of TCF, filed a complaint with the Tufts Community Union Judiciary (TCUJ), one of the three branches of Tufts' student government, after TCF's Senior Leaders' Team refused to consider her for a leadership position.


The team said they turned down Catalano on the grounds that she believes a homosexual lifestyle is consistent with Biblical teaching--a belief the group sees as contradictory to its fundamental tenets.

But the judiciary group said TCF's decision constituted discrimination.

In an emergency meeting April 13, the TCUJ revoked TCF's status as an official student group, effectively stripping the group of its rights to funding, campus classrooms and the Tufts name.

Claiming that it had not received a proper hearing, TCF appealed the decision to the Committee on Student Life, a group made up of students and faculty members that rules on issues of academic dishonesty and appeals to student government decisions.

Neither TCF nor Catalano was present at the April 13 emergency meeting of the seven-person TCUJ.

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