Council Recognizes Year's Best Teachers

A day after Springfest, the Undergraduate Council turned its attention from the MAC Quad to the classroom, honoring outstanding teachers last night at the annual Levenson Memorial Teaching Awards.

And for the second straight year, a professor of physics took home the Senior Faculty Award.

Students recognized this year's recipient, Professor of Physics Gerald Gabrielse, for his work teaching a Core class--Science A-45: "Reality Physics"--despite his status as a Senior Faculty member.

"He sacrificed a lot of himself and his sleep to make it a good class," said Megan K. Whyte '01, who was one of several students to nominate Gabrielse.

Gabrielse joked about his newly-won award.

"I was sure that teaching a Core class with 'Physics' in the title would make my ratings plummet and make me very unpopular," he quipped.

Last year's winner of the award was Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Leverett House Master Howard Georgi '68.

But after a couple of surprises, the announcement of Gabrielse's victory was almost anticlimactic.

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