Looking For Land

Harvard To Bid on Allston Railroad Yard

Harvard's recent Capital Campaign has left the University with the financial resources to develop the campus, but it has struggled to match its goals to the space constraints.

The most ambitious development

project in Cambridge--the Knafel Center for Government and International Study-- is pegged to rise on the Cambridge side of campus. This site, however, is in the midst of residential apartments, and organized resident groups have consistently fought successive Harvard proposals.


Now, nearly three years after discussions began, the Knafel project is bogged down in a struggle to gain approval from a city board.

Difficulties like this one have contributed to a growing recognition among Harvard administrators that there is almost no room for growth left within Cambridge. Across the river, where Harvard already owns a large chunk of undeveloped land, Allston seems the logical outlet for any continued Harvard expansion.

Speculation as to what Allston land could be used for remains very uncertain, according to Grogan. And all discussion is contingent upon Harvard winning the Allston bidding contest.

But additional land in Allston might allow Harvard to relax the tension on the Cambridge side of the river, Grogan says.

"This would open up the possibility of relocating a whole school to Allston," he says.

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