Ann Radcliffe Trust Adopts Membership Procedure

Members of the student-Faculty committee of the Ann Radcliffe Trust decided this week how the group will select its student representatives in coming years.

Five positions on the committee will be reserved for students who have already served on the board; five other student spaces will be permanently reserved for representatives from the Women's Leadership Project (WLP), Women In Science at Harvard and Radcliffe (WISHR), Girlspot, the Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) and the Coalition Against Sexual Violence.

In addition, five to seven student spaces will be filled by open application. The applications will be evaluated by Trust director Karen E. Avery '87, an assistant dean of the College, and Julia G. Fox, director of the Parents Association.


RUS and the Coalition will only receive permanent slots if they become recognized student groups. Neither organization has yet filed for College recognition.

Avery said that she will randomly select the five returning members from this year's committee.

The Trust committee voted on different plans by e-mail.

They chose between four options that ranged from a plan to annually rotate slots between recognized student groups to another option that included having the Undergraduate Council elect members to the Trust committee.

Avery was criticized after she personally selected the students on this year's Trust committee.

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