Letter to the Editor

Carvello an Exemplary HUPD Officer

To the editors:

I was extremely saddened to learn of the automobile accident of Officer Anthony Carvello (News, April 26), for he is one of the most amazing officers on our force. I have known very few who understand and treat students as flawlessly as he does. Because of this he is an amazing and effective officer.


Before joining Harvard, he worked at the Suffolk County House of Corrections, with near-universal praise from all. From my experience tutoring there and the difficulties we hear and sometimes witness about some inmate-officer relations and conflicts, I have learned how difficult it is to be an fine officer at the prison and still treat the inmates humanely. His accomplishments and legacy at the prison attest to how exemplary a person he is.

One incident at Harvard will always remain with me as a model for good policing: I remember he once diffused a very tense, emotional conflict in the Science Center between two very stubborn parties with reason and communication his only tool. Where other officers would have resorted to threats and intimidation, he understood that dialogue and understanding yield the only permanent solutions.

My best wishes to him and his family and to a speedy recovery.

Harpaul A. Kohli '02

May 23, 2000

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