The 'V'-Spot

You read them in yesterday's newspapers. A few more appeared today. I'll just cut to the interesting parts:

Bold. Courageous. Gutsy.

After missing 73 days with a concussion, ex-Flyers captain Eric Lindros' return to the ice Wednesday night has found the universal admiration of media and fan alike. His mere presence at the Meadowlands was a triumph of the will after a saga in which he heard his own General Manager, Bobby Clarke, intimate the team was better without him.


And I'd just like to add one more word to his heroic comeback--Stupid.

Regardless of whether he played effectively, scoring Philadelphia's lone goal with 30 seconds remaining in the game of a 2-1 Devils victory, Lindros should not have played Wednesday, and perhaps ever again.

This concussion was his fifth in two years. I may not be a pre-med (thank God), but I know that his brain can't be sitting too comfortable in that thick little skull of his.

With the apparent ease at which Lindros contracts these head injuries, how much longer is it before someone in today's bigger, faster, stronger NHL rings his bell again? Will Devils captain Scott Stevens do it in Game 7?

The scary part of Lindros' case is that his proclivity to concussion is clearly genetic. His younger brother, Brett, had a promising career with the Islanders snuffed at age 21 with the same problem.

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