At Annual Drag Show, Explicit Acts Anger Some

Pforzheimer House administrators met with a group of students Monday to complain about their sexually suggestive performance during the Miss Pfoho competition, an annual House drag contest.

The group, comprised of Matthew N. Abelson '02, William G. Bain '02, Michael Y. Lee '02 and Joshua Levin '02, lip-synched and danced suggestively to a song called "Pussy-Round."

The performance Sunday night culminated with a group member pulling out a purple vibrator and "doing various obscene things with it," said one Pforzheimer resident who was in the audience.


After hearing that their performance had offended some audience members, the group e-mailed an apology Monday night to the House community over Pfoho-open, the House e-mail list.

"It was far from our intent to subtract from anyone's enjoyment of the evening or to offend anyone," the e-mail message said. "We are sorry if that happened on account of our performance."

House Co-Masters James J. McCarthy and Suzanne M. McCarthy were in the audience of about 150 students and tutors. Audience members said the masters left during the group's performance and returned near the end of the show.

Lee said the group met with the masters and Allston Burr Senior Tutor Dirk M. Killen '82 Monday night after they had sent out the e-mail message, during which they "came to an understanding of each other's perspective."

"They basically let us know about the tradition of the contest, how the tradition is generally kind of less raunchy stuff. And they talked about how our act was not within the traditional type of performances," Lee said.

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