Harvard Students Care About Animals

To the editors:

Allison A. Melia is wrong to say that Harvard students "don't care" about the plight of non-human animals suffering at the hands of our University and beyond (Opinion, "Monkeys Roam, Even in the Yard," May 1). Many of us do care, deeply, despite the fact that Harvard students were sadly not well-represented at last week's "World Week for Animals in Laboratories."

There are currently two organizations at Harvard devoted to helping animals, one at Harvard Law School and one at the College. The law school organization, called the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, is active, with over 70 members. The College organization, called Vegitas, has over 100 members. Together, these two organizations are busy proving that non-human animals do have allies among members of the Harvard community.

Marc R. Romanoff '01

May 1, 2000

The writer is one of the founders of Vegitas.

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