CVS to Renovate Mass. Ave. Store

One of Harvard Square's CVS stores will undergo massive renovations this summer, expanding the retail pharmacy into a two-story location.

The Mass. Ave. store closed on June 10 to begin construction, and is expected to reopen in September.

Store manager Jeff Anderton said that the two-story layout will allow for expansion of all retail departments in the store.

"If we carried 12 feet of something before, now we will carry 16," Anderton said.

"We will have a much larger pharmacy," he added.

The new CVS will also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was passed in 1990, giving disabled customers easier passage through the store.

"Before it was a tight fit to get through there," Anderton said.

The redesigned store will have several new features, such as a one-hour photo lab and a greeting card section.

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