Graduates Celebrate New Life, New Baby

The couple however, did miss out on wearing their graduation robes on Commencement day.

"We put them on and took a few pictures in the Yard before we returned them," Erin McPhie said.

They have still not picked up their diplomas.


"I'm sure they are waiting safely for us at the Registrar's office," the Erin McPhie said.

The couple met during their first week at Harvard in 1994 at a get-together for Mormon first-year students at Herrell's.

They started dating during their sophomore years and kept in contact with each other during their two-year missionary trips--David was in Spain while Erin was in Hong Kong.

The couple was married in December 1998 in Salt Lake City and decided to try to start a family this fall.

They will move into Adams House this summer--where David lived as an undergraduate--to serve as summer school proctors. He will start his first year at Harvard Law School this fall while Erin stays at home to take care of the baby.

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