Brown University Sued for Negligence in Suicide Case

Explaining her reasons for bringing the suit, Klein told the Herald Tuesday that "acting in loco parentis, Brown has an obligation 'to take care of you.'"

Daniel Shuster entered Brown in 1987 and sought counseling for depression from Brown University Psychological Services in his first semester. The death of Shuster's roommate and his roommate's girlfriend in a December 1987 car crash soon added to his mental health problems.


Since Brown's counselors could only provide short-term treatment, Psychological Services Director Ferdinand Jones referred Shuster to four therapists.

According to his brother, Daniel Shuster ended up seeing a therapist who specialized in eating disorders.

Shuster saw Solomon for two years until December 1989. In March 1990, Shuster shot himself and was found dead in his apartment with a suicide note.

After the family lost the first suit against Brown, the Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that the judge had made a mistake and that the case should be brought before a jury.

Jury selection took place on Tuesday at the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Brown officials declined comment.

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