MTA Clears Harvard's Allston Land Purchase

Negotiations for relocations of the train routes will begin soon, but have no definite time frame.

"We've only had preliminary discussions with the railroad," Grogan said. "Over time, we will go more deeply into discussions."


Harvard officials will also now begin working with Boston city officials and Allston community organizations to create a master plan for developing the nearly 100 acres the University has acquired in the last ten years.

"We're working very actively with the community," Grogan said.

And as part of the final sale, Harvard has agreed to give an option to Boston University (BU) to purchase a ten-acre portion of the land. The parcel offered is south of Cambridge Street, cutting it off from the rest of the land Harvard purchased.

"BU approached us and talked about their interest in that parcel, which is of less interest to Harvard," Grogan said. "We saw an opportunity to accommodate another university so we figured, why not do it?"

Boston University spokesperson Kevin Carleton said BU wanted the option for possible long-range development on its western border, but said BU still has to evaluate the land before it is purchased.

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