No New Kid on the Block: It's Joey MacIntyre

The Crimson recently caught up with singer/actor Joey McIntyre, more infamously known as a former member of the original boy band New Kids on the Block. The now 23 year old Boston native has returned to his hometown to promote his newest film, The Fantasticks, will be released in selected cities on September 22.

The Harvard Crimson: What attracted you to the role of Matt in The Fantasticks in the first place? Had you seen the role performed off-Broadway?


Joey McIntyre: I didn't. Although at first it might seem like this pop guy is trying to do a traditional musical, I've always been onstage since I was a young kid; I'd done Oliver and The Music Man--never Fantasticks though. At the time, I was studying in New York and taking classes and there was just this audition. Three, four callbacks later, I sang for the director [Michael Ritchie] and he kind of asked me to do it, which was cool. I think it was just a natural fit because I was accustomed to this kind of classical love story musical.

THC: Did you feel any pressure coming from such a long line of predecessors in your role?

JM: Maybe if I had done it before or known the history, but I didn't feel too much pressure. I mean the musical is about a boy becoming a man--he's very vulnerable, makes a lot of mistakes and would do anything to win the girl--it's hard to screw that up. It's a role every guy goes through and can identify with. I also think girls are just smarter, no matter how old they are. Especially at that age, they're just thinking about things more and complicating things a little more. With guys it's simple: I want to make it big, I want to go out into the big world. They want the quick hit, easy and overnight. But girls want something long-lasting.

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