Firing Away: HUPD Hones its Target Skills

"Police! Don't move. Don't move," shouts Officer Louis Favreau of the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD).

In the darkened room, illuminated only by flashing police strobes, he can barely see the gun-wielding man in front of him.

"Don't move!" Favreau shouts once more. Suddenly, 16 shots echo through the room.

"Clear!" He shouts as he empties his weapon.

The lights in the room come on, and it quickly becomes evident that Favreau hit his target with all but one of the shots. The paper outline of a man is riddled with holes.

In HUPD's windowless shooting range, the instructors are ready for another day of training, honing a deadly skill they hope they will never have to use.

Home on the Range

One of the least known resources of the University, the HUPD firing range is hidden in the basement of 175 N. Harvard St. Originally built as the firing range for Harvard's battalion of Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), it was turned over to HUPD in the 1970s when the University ended its affiliation with ROTC.

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