Campus Readies for Saturday’s Battle at Yale

The walkway leading to the Science Center has become an open marketplace for anti-Yale products. Everyone is trying to get to the Murr Center as fast as possible. Students are visiting with unusual frequency.

The signs of the traditional Harvard-Yale rivalry are everywhere.

This weekend, the Crimson prepares to play the Bulldogs, a team it hasn’t beaten in three years. As a result of these losses, most undergraduates have yet to see a Harvard victory in “The Game.”

But with Harvard’s perfect record, and a chance to clinch an undisputed Ivy championship, students are eagerly preparing for what could be their first weekend of celebration.


Kiana C. Foster ’02, co-captain of the cheerleading squad, is looking forward to cheering at “The Game.”

“Nothing compares to it. There’s always so many people there, and it’s going to be extra exciting this year because I’m sure a Harvard win is going to happen this time,” Foster said.


Just one of many student organizations selling game attire, the Harvard cheerleading squad finished selling all of its 400 “Yuck Fale” shirts yesterday morning.

The Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team had sold 200 shirts by yesterday afternoon.

And T-shirts aren’t the only game-related items selling out.

Robert M. Gee ’02, services chair of the Undergraduate Council’s campus life committee, said that all council shuttles to and from New Haven have sold out quickly.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Gee said. “I’m happy we sold out, but I’d like to get more shuttles. If the tickets had sold out earlier, I would have gotten more.”

More shuttle tickets will go on sale at 11:00 tomorrow morning in the Holworthy basement.. The council will send more than 23 shuttles, 47 people per shuttle, to and from Yale. It sent only 17 shuttles two years ago.

Some students, however, are choosing alternative means of transportation.

Daniel A. Bachovchin ’05 is driving three of his roommates to New Haven.

They are going early with the hope of partying in New Haven tonight.

“We want to meet girls from Yale so my roommate can give them mono,” he said. “But it’s not like they need help to get more undesirable.”