Relocate Graduate Schools, Dean Says

Associate Dean of the College David P. Illingworth ’71 endorsed a student center during the Undergraduate Council meeting last night, but stressed that the student group space crunch will only be eased by graduate schools moving across the River to Allston.

Illingworth said he considers the John Harvard statue the center of campus and would like to see the College occupy more space near it. But such plans are contingent on graduate schools’ relocation, which other faculties—including the law school, a prime candidate—have publicly opposed in the past.

“If we could get one, two [or] three graduate schools to move to Allston, that is space [the Faculty of Arts and Sciences] could move into,” Illingworth said. “The closer a graduate school is to the John Harvard statue, the more I covet it.”

Illingworth mentioned that space in the recently spruced-up Malkin Athletic Center could be better used to provide space for student groups.

“We’re looking everywhere we can to find space for students to do their activities,” Illingworth said. “Once we can get translate the need into square footage we can come up with the dream plan.”

Illingworth said he would support a space with late-night access for students—something the council has been advocating for about a year.

“I’d like to see some sort of space that could be social and involved and open almost 24 hours a day,” Illingworth said. “I think there is a real need for that type of space.”

Start Spreading The News

After hosting Illingworth, the council enacted yet another measure in its push to extend student services by voting to provide shuttle service for winter break to New York City.

The first shuttle will depart Harvard for New York City’s Penn Station on Dec. 14. Campus Life Committee Chair Robert M. Gee ’02 said the council has allotted money for additional shuttles to meet any further demand.

“It will save students money and having to stand in line at South Station,” said Student Affairs Committee Chair Rohit Chopra ’04, who came up with the idea. “It will be nice to go on a bus with other people you know. It’s a good community-building event,” Chopra said.

Other council actions included expulsions for poor attendance records. Council newcomer D. Alexander Ewing ’03 as well as council stalwarts Stephen N. Smith ’02—a former presidential candidate—and Jared S. Morgenstern ’03, the council’s technology coordinator, were expelled last night.

“I’ve been out of town a lot and not coming back until Monday or Tuesday night,” said Smith. “It wasn’t intentional.”

Smith was also expelled last year while he occupied Mass. Hall with a group of other students protesting Harvard’s employment practices.

Members can be reinstated by petitioning the executive board.

“Each case is handled individually,” Council President Paul A. Gusmorino ’02 said.

Missing three or more meetings, according to council rules, merits expulssion.

“It’s a straightforward policy,” Gusmorino said. “We just go by the book.”

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