Cartoonist Announcement

The Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson is Pleased to Announce its Cartoonists for the Spring Term

Kathy H. Lee '03, a returning Crimson cartoonist, is a government concentrator in Cabot House. She covers local, national and international politics in her art work, including issues relating to the Harvard campus. Her cartoon will appear on Mondays.

Jordanna P. Schutz '02, a physics and math concentrator in Dunster House, was an editorial cartoonist her freshman year, for which she apologizes sincerely. Her subject matter will include a smattering of insular Harvard humor and a handful of commentary on current events, and will avoid at all costs "meta" jokes about the cartoonist not having time to think of a good joke because she is too stressed with her manic Harvard life and too busy searching the Cue Guide for that Holy Grail of a decent Core. Her cartoon appears on Fridays.


Benjamin I. Rapoport '03 is a physics concentrator in Lowell House. His inaugural cartoon for The Crimson appears in today's paper. A staunch believer in brevity, he hopes his drawings speak above the roaring sea of print that will surround them. His cartoon will appear on Tuesdays.

Julian C. Sancton '03 is a history concentrator in Leverett House who smugly derides his political and social superiors with caricatures from the comfort of his desk.

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