Shopping Around

Is the Course Catalog looking fatter than usual? The Crimson has done your work for you: Your guide to the 11 coolest classes offered this semester.

According to Dumit, the class will be lecture and discussion-based. He says there will be a series of projects in lieu of papers or exams. There will be no final exam but rather a web-based project.

"If you have any interest in how neuroscience is changing, how we think about health or normality or seeing how culture and science interact, this class is for you," Kirchhoff says.

-- Jonathan H. Esensten

Nuts, Sluts and Perverts

Lecturer in Sociology Mark J. Zimny enjoys talking about bad behavior.


"It's a fascinating subject--there's more than meets the eye to any sort of wrong-doing," Zimny says. "You have to really get behind the scenes to understand the factors involved."

Sociology 139: "Deviance and Social Control," popularly called the study of "nuts, sluts and perverts" by many sociologists, studies deviant behavior and social responses to deviance.

Topics covered in the course will include murders, suicides, alcoholism and perversity.

Students will start the course by examining the theoretical arguments surrounding deviance before moving on to case studies. While the course is lecture-based, Zimny says guest speakers and "some surprises" have a good chance of popping up during the semester. Zimny adds that the lectures will be particularly interesting because of their specificity.

"When you're talking about [deviance] at this level, you really have to get down and dirty," he says.

--Juliet J. Chung

Built From The Ground Up

If you build it, they will come. Or so is the hope of Lawrence E. Sullivan, professor of the history of religions at Harvard's Divinity School.

Sullivan is offering Religion 1009: "Building a World Religious Museum," a class intended to develop concepts, designs and content for a religious museum.

"The idea is to create an ideal conceptual model," says Alison J.

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