Gusmorino, Lee Get Warm Reception in First Council Meeting of Semester

Last year's Undergraduate Council election filled the first meeting of the term of former president Fentrice D. Driskell '01 with controversy and malaise.

But at last night's first council meeting of the semester, newly elected president Paul A. Gusmorino '02 received a warm welcome from fellow council members in Sever 113.

With Frank Sinatra's "The Best is Yet to Come" playing in the background, Gusmorino and Vice-President Sujean S. Lee '03 outlined their policy initiatives for the coming semester.

The council held only one vote last night, allocating an additional $2,732.04 to the already $20,000 budget for the March 2 freshman formal.

In describing his policy agenda for the upcoming year, Gusmorino detailed the council's recent work on UC Books, a website that helps students find the cheapest prices on textbooks, and its sponsorship of the Concert Commission--the group responsible for organizing the sold-out Feb. 12 Roots and Black Eyed Peas concert in Sanders Theatre.


Gusmorino also distributed a packet to council members entitled "UC Roadmap," which outlines a tentative schedule of major council events for the next two semesters.

The calendar, which Gusmorino said is the first of its kind at the council, schedules upcoming votes for establishing universal keycard access throughout Harvard's Houses and incorporating the Concert Commission into the council's by-laws.

In addition to Gusmorino and Lee's first meeting in charge, last night's meeting saw the arrival of a number of other new faces on the council, as special elections last week filled council vacancies in Leverett, Lowell, Mather and Quincy Houses.

Julian R. Hwang '01, Rachelle K. Gould '03 and Alvaro M. Bedoya '03 won their first council seats, while Brian R. Smith '02 will serve on the council for the second time.

Bedoya said he was motivated to join the council because he wants to see, among other things, "hot sandwiches in the fly-by lunches."

Last night's meeting also saw a change within the council's executive board.

Blake J. Boulerice '04 was named council secretary after beating Smith in a secret ballot election.

He will replace John F. Bash '03, who opted not to run for re-election. Bash said he will devote his time this semester to running a new student group for those opposed to the death penalty.

Current Treasurer Justin A. Barkley '02 ran uncontested to continue handling the council's finances.

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