Members of Governing Boards Meet on Campus

The University's governing boards met this weekend at a crucial stage in the presidential search process.

In interviews conducted over the past two months, members of the Board of Overseers said they anticipated their meeting would include a key briefing on the status of the search.

Members of the Harvard Corporation convened in Loeb House along with a few Overseers yesterday for an afternoon of meetings.


Leaving the building in the late afternoon, officials declined to comment on the nature of their discussions or on the progress of the presidential search.

Goodheartedly joking with reporters, they said that the day's proceedings were confidential.

"God bless you, son, I'd love to talk, but this late in the process you're just going to have to wait like everyone else," said search committee member James R. Houghton '58.

After the meeting, some of the Corporation members left for Harvard Square hotels, and others left in chauffeured cars.

Several headed into downtown Boston while others--including search committee member Conrad K. Harper--went directly to the airport with bags in hand.

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