Crimson's Complaint


"Serious? How serious? They're not sleeping together, are they?"

"Yes, together, but not with each other."

"What? Listen to yourself; you are making no sense."


"Together, but not with each other--Mom, you went to college too long ago. Trust me, it's perfectly ok--"

"And what about the alcohol? I know you drink and I want you to know that your father and I find that perfectly acceptable. You are 21 now and I know you are very responsible, that you would never put yourself in any grave danger--and that you would never let your grades slide. And you do realize that binge drinking results in death, don't you?"

"I'm not drinking much--only on special occasions, and definitely only on the weekends. Like for Denise's birthday, for example. I had a full glass of wine and it just went straight to my head."

"Well you never want to lose control of yourself. Ever. And you have to be so careful these days with all those drugs men drop in your glass."

"Mom, I never lose control. I go to Harvard."


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