QRAC Improvements

The QRAC may need renovation, but it won't happen any time soon, according to Associate Dean of the College Thomas A. Dingman '67.

In an early morning meeting at the Quad's main athletic facility, Dingman spoke with representatives from Cabot, Currier and Pforzheimer Houses about ways to improve the gym.

A number of possible changes were discussed, but Dingman said little will be implemented this year.


"With all of these things, we need to figure out who can best deal with each aspect," Dingman said. "And that takes time."

The group, which included masters from the three Quad Houses, discussed upgrading the gym's weight equipment and replacing the floor of the basketball court.

They also talked about increasing the hours graduate students have access to the QRAC.

The gym's current policy allows graduate students the use of the gym only from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dingman said the University receives weekly phone calls from graduate students asking for greater use of the facilities.

John P. Marshall '01, a resident of Pforzheimer who works as an intramural referee, said he believes the basketball court's slippery floor, which he called "treacherous," poses a serious safety risk to students.

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