Students Perform Striptease To Protest Sweatshop Labor

Members of Harvard Students Against Sweatshops (HSAS) entertained passers-by with an anti-sweatshop striptease in front of the Science Center yesterday afternoon.

To the tune of "Everybody Dance Now," Albert H. Cho '02 and Jessica A. Fragola '04 stripped down to their underwear--in protest Harvard's membership in the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a consortium founded by manufacturing companies such as Nike to monitor working conditions in foreign factories.

HSAS members criticize FLA because its governing board is made up of representatives from the companies it intends to supervise. The group urges Harvard to instead join the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), a group run by labor and human rights organizations.


Yesterday's demonstration--calling for "full disclosure of working conditions"--was brief and light-hearted.

Clad entirely in Department of Harvard Athletics (DHA) sweats, Cho and Fragola danced while fellow HSAS members held bright signs, reading "Join WRC Now."

"The only thing more ridiculous than this strip show is the administration's refusal to join the WRC," said HSAS member Benjamin L. McKean '02, who is also a Crimson editor.

As the music played, the student strippers took off their sweatshirts and twirled them over their heads.

They threw their shirts and shoes onto the ground, nearly hitting surprised students leaving their 12 p.m. Science Center class.

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