'Survivor' Survivor Inspires Concert

Nick Brown, a second-year at Harvard Law School and a member of the Kucha tribe on CBS' Survivor II: The Australian Outback, hosted the Low Keys' spring concert on Saturday night.

Brown's apperance was a last- minute addition to the concert bill. Members of the Low Keys posted fliers over their original posters to advertise that he would be at the concert.

The 8 p.m. concert in Lowell Lecture Hall also featured the Wellesley Blue Notes and the Brandeis VoiceMale a capella groups.

The Low Keys walked onto the stage holding fake torches and chanting Survivor music, with a backdrop that ressembled the Survivor logo.

After two songs, the Low Keys left the stage, and Brown welcomed the audience and gave them a brief summary of his time on Survivor so far.

"Episode 2, I did nothing. Episode 3, built furniture and got into trouble. And in Episode 6, I did nothing again," Brown said.

He gave no hints as to the identity of the one-million-dollar winner of Survivor. One of the members of the VoiceMale wished Brown luck. At one point, the Low Keys pretended to be Harvard students stranded in the Australian outback. One of them was a computer science major that was dejected he couldn't find an ethernet jack for his laptop.

The VoiceMale followed the Low Keys. After a brief intermission, the Blue Notes performed and then the Low Keys closed out the show.

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