Ad Board Ponders Sanctions for Sit-In

Discipline Possible, Time Off Unlikely

Disciplinary procedures have been initiated against the students who occupied Massachusetts Hall during the three-week "living wage" sit-in.

The student protesters who exited Mass. Hall Tuesday have been contacted by their Senior Tutors to prepare statements describing their role in the sit-in.

According to the Administrative Board's handbook, a student who commits "an offense against law and order at the time of a disturbance or demonstration or who disregards the instructions of a proctor or other University officer at such a time" is subject to disciplinary action and may be required to withdraw.

But Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68 announced Tuesday that he would recommend the Ad Board not require the College students who took part in the sit-in to take time off.

"I personally believe, and will recommend to the Board, that the students involved in the sit-in should not have their education interrupted because of their conduct," Lewis wrote in a statement.

Lewis' statement does not address the possibility of lesser sanctions--such as admonishment or probation--that would not require the students to withdraw.

The initial demands of the Progressive Student Labor Movement (PSLM) included disciplinary immunity, but the negotiated agreement with the University did not address disciplinary repercussions.

"We didn't want to slow down the process of coming to an agreement," said PSLM member Stephen N. Smith '02.

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