Student Labor Reps Have Divergent Views

Milikowsky admits he is a somewhat surprising person to run for a spot on the Katz Committee because he does not hold strong views on the living wage issue.

"Being a moderate is difficult to be passionate about," he says. "This time I had a moderate stance I was excited about. I was passionate in my belief that one [representative] should be PSLM and one should not."


He will take a more disinterested tack on the living wage issue, according to Jonathan C. Page `02, a roommate of two years.

Page and Milikowsky visited the Mass. Hall rallies several times during the sit-in.

"When you went to the PSLM protest, so much of it was just this chanting and 'We're right,'" Page says. "Both of us wanted to see more information on things."

The Katz Committee will be his first experience in the public eye, Milikowsky says.

"I'm not going to be remembered at Harvard for my rowing. I'm not going to be remembered at Harvard for my excellent writings," he says. "I'll probably be remembered for this committee."

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