Life of Brian: Walsh Pays Tribute to Senior Class

BOSTON—Whether they realize it or not when they arrive here, most Harvard athletes are doomed to playing out their careers in anonymity.

No Harvard sport gets nearly as much fan support as it should, but teams like football, hockey, and basketball at least draw moderate student crowds.

After that, though, the dropoff is great. The typical Harvard athlete can expect to play in front of a few parents and maybe a blockmate or two. This is the case with even Harvard’s most successful teams, including squash, crew and—for no apparent reason whatsoever—baseball.


As a result, most of our school’s athletes have their noteworthy efforts go largely unheralded. Playing a sport here is often a thankless task.

Unfortunately, this newspaper does not have the manpower to provide all of Harvard’s 41 sports with as much publicity as they deserve. But we try.

That said, I went to yesterday’s Beanpot consolation intending to write a farewell tribute to Harvard’s six seniors who were playing in their final game.

Then I talked to one person who knew them much better than I did—Harvard coach Joe Walsh.

And he said everything I had wanted to say—only better.

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