Tommy's Forced to Close Earlier

Neighbor's noise complaints prompt city commission review

Harvard’s most famous 3 a.m. tradition ended last month, as Tommy’s House of Pizza now has to close an hour earlier.

The decision is the result of three Cambridge city commissioners’ response to the noise complaints of the eatery’s neighbor, Genevieve McMillan.

When Mian Iftakar took over the lease at Tommy’s House of Pizza three months ago, McMillan wrote to City Hall to ask that the closing time be adjusted.

McMillan, a 25-year resident of 40 Bow St., says that over the past two years she and her tenants have continually suffered from Tommy’s late-night noise.

Iftakar said he had no idea about McMillan’s grievances.

After a first hearing, Tommy’s was instructed to close one hour earlier.

But McMillan complained once more, saying she hoped to push the closing time back to 1 a.m., because it is a residential area.

McMillan described the experience of living above Tommy’s—located at 49 Mt. Auburn St., across from Quincy House—as an ordeal.

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